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29 April 2010 @ 03:13 am
Dead in the Family Spoilers!  
These are extremely detailed spoilers and VERY long.
If you have specific questions or spoilers you want answered then just PM me your question and I will gladly answer it as soon as I can!
As for the rest of you, I hope you appreciate my long but possibly tl;dr yet informative spoiler post with some lovely pic spam ;)

Amelia leaves, is planning on asking Octavia a way to break the bond between Eric and Sookie.
Eric and Sookie’s mutual sharing of emotions has gotten extremely intense. He even cries when she does because he can feel everything she does even while she’s dreaming.

He couldn’t save her from the Fairies because Victor had him and Pam restrained, though Pam was able to sneak a call to Felipe who demanded Victor let them go. Sookie then tells Eric they should kill Victor.
There is tension amongst the Were/Shifter community because the government is trying to enforce a law to make them register.
Jason is dating Michele Schubert and has yet to come out as a Were despite most everyone else, including Calvin, coming out (though Michele knows). He seems to have matured a lot but also worried about Dermot and whether or not Niall sealed him in the Fairy world along with the others who did not stay in the human world.
There is an oh so slick mention of Sam playing Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” (The TB Theme songs, duh) in the bar and everyone dancing, haha.
Bill is not healing well, the silver poisoning is crippling him, and is in need of blood from his maker but because she’s dead, her only “living” child will suffice.
(Sick Bill, get it? Hahaha.)
Bill is very jealous about the love Eric and Sookie share.
Sookie admits that something snapped inside of her when she was being tortured. Their deaths were the answer to her prayer.
Hoyt and Holly are getting married.
Alcide calls and asks to use Sookie’s land for a full moon since she’s got 20 acres. New (and new-ish) were characters introduced. Annabelle Baxter (Alcide’s new girlfriend) and Basim al Saud, as well as Jannalyn who we met briefly during the were fight, she is not dating Sam.
The next morning Basim reports finding fresh traces of 2 fairys (neither belong to Claude) and that they found a year old body (Debbie, unknown to them) in the woods.
Claude comes to stay with Sookie, he is not the fairy that left traces near by. Claudine left everything to him, except for the contents of her bank account which went to Sookie.
Sookie tells Eric about the traces of fairy and he sends Pam to get her. They discuss Victor trying to over throw Eric, Pam wants Victor dead too. Victor seemingly wants to break away from Felipe and take over Eric’s area by discrediting him. A little more talk abut Pam’s past.
When they arrive at Eric’s they discuss business, he says he will send Heidi (a Vamp tracker) to see if she can track who was back there.
More sex.
On the way home Pam and Sookie run into Victor’s second and his “muscle”, Bruno and Corrina, who were sent to kill them. We learn Victor has someone watching Eric’s house. Pam and Sookie kill them.
Remy (Hadley’s ex) calls Sookie and asks her to take care of Hunter for an over night stay while he goes to a funeral. Lots of Sookie/Hunter interaction. Claude loves him and Eric accidentally spooks Hunter in the middle of the night.
Agent Latesta shows up, pissed off because someone made Sookie off limits to his investigation.
Claude tells Tara that the doctors are wrong and she’s is having twins, which turns out to be true!
When the sun sets and Hunter leaves, Eric reemerges and tells her a more indepth breakdown of the vampire kingdoms. Despite the individual kings/queens there are 4 separate kingdoms split north, south, west and east ways.
Even more sex.

All of a sudden Sookie freaks out, because of her and Eric’s blood bond, it ends up related being because of Eric’s maker and his newest “son”, Alexei, arriving and overloading her senses.
Apparently makers and their “children” do not need an invitation into the house that one of their children have already been invited into.
Alexei is a Romanov (of the last Russian family). Appius saved him from true death. But Alexei was only 14, and was a very sick child growing up. Watching the death of him family, being a spoiled royal child, and continuous sex with Appius has made him slightly off.
Jason accidentally barges in on the “Family” gathering. Alexei takes an odd liking to Jason. Sookie discusses the fresh, non-Debbie corpse in the woods and Eric becomes enfuriated and demands Alcide (who arrives with Annabelle and Jannalyn) to come find out who it is. They all, including the other vamps and Jason, head out to the woods and discover is it Basim, Alcide’s second. We soon also discover that Annabelle was cheating on Alcide with Basim, but more importantly that someone planted the body there with a purpose. Knowing someone was coming to frame the murder on Sookie Eric moved the body and Alcide sets up a time for someone to dispose of it. And tells Sookie that there is a were meeting she can attend with Jason, to find out more about who put the body on her land and why.
Of course the next morning the police arrive saying they had gotten an anonymous tip, but search and find nothing.
Claude mentions that Dermot showed up at his club, seemingly desperate to be in fairy company now that he was trapped on the Human side of the portal. But never actually approached him.
Holly mentions to Sookie that old Miss Caroline, who is on her deathbed, is desperate to find her family bible that disappeared ages ago. Sookie mentions this to Bill and off they go to give it to her where the truth about their relation is finally revealed and she, much to the surprise of everyone, reacts favorably and even calls him great-granddaddy. She passes away later that night.
Sookie decides to help Bill find Lorena’s other child because he hadn’t for some secretive reason. We find out that her name is Judith Vardamon. A few days after Sookie e-mails her she shows up at Sookie’s house and explains to her as to why she and Bill are not in contact….
Lorena’s maker was turned by accident and left to fend for himself. He discovered Lorena, who was a human prostitute, slitting a man’s throat.
He needed a good hunter so he changed her and not too long later she betrayed him and went off on her own. She stumbled across Bill and his family in Bon Temps and fell in love with him from watching him night after night with his family. She then kidnapped and changed him. Judith was sired decades later because she was the spitting image of Bill’s beloved wife and Lorena figured Bill would not leave her if she turned the look a like. Judith is deathly afraid of Lorena but rejoices when she hears of Lorena’s death and tells Sookie how much she owes her for finally allowing her and Bill together, which confuses the hell out of Sookie. It turns out Judith did love Bill but Lorena was like the wet blanket to her fiery love. Judith then runs to Bill’s.
(A murdering prostitute, perfect.)
We find out Antoine is an informant for the government/ Agent Lattesta. But Sam doesn’t fire him so long as he never says a word about Sam and his shifter-ness.
Sookie leaves work and is surprised to see Jason sitting on her steps only to realize it’s Dermont. He attempts to explain his actions and apologizes. We find out he’s under a spell and his slightly crazy because of it.
There are several stabbing murders in Shreveport.
Eric is very MIA because of Appius’ visit and Sookie is stressed, and the intensified blood bond between her and the 3 vamps is not helping.
Eric tells her to come to Fangtasia where we learn a little more about Alexei’s strange attitude and appetite for teenagers. He also has the ability to show people his memories through touch. (LOL, I’m all for Charlaine over S.Meyer but Renesmee much???). Sookie constantly wishes Appius would meet the sun because she has seen a new, fearful, side of Eric and it seriously worried her and Appius could sense her dislike.
Sookie finds out that Appius isn’t having sex with Alexei because his mental state has worsened, and freaks out that he might be sleeping with Eric. Eric assures her that he is not but that he would if Appius so wished it, he could not disobey him.
We find out Alexei is behind the “Stabbings” in Shreveport and that is why Appius has arrived, he was hoping see how well Eric has adjusted would somehow help Alexei.
Pam tells Sookie she wants to kill Appius, but Sookie adamantly tells her not to because then Eric would have to kill her. Pam realizes Sookie cares for her and throughout the book their friendship is mentioned/strengthened amongst them.
Sookie seriously considers the pros and cons of life as a Vampire in order to be with Eric forever.
Claude knows who the 2nd fairy in the woods was but avoids answering who it is because he values Sookie’s life.
There is an anti-Were/paranormal people protest at Sam’s bar, but the police break it up. They knew about Sookie and discriminated against her as well as Sam.
At the Were meeting Alcide tells Sookie that normally Weres have shamans who officiate the meetings in order to tell truth from betrayal. After much hesitation she drinks the potion the Shaman would have taken, and immediately feels its effects as it strengths her ability to hear and sense/see the emotions of the Weres. We discover Basim was plotting with the mysterious Feary, for money, to frame Sookie but “Ham” Hammond overheard the deal the killed Basim in order to collect the money and another Were, Patricia, helped because she thought she was a better match for Alcide and wanted to move up in the ranks.
Sookie then decides to leave; as she and Jason are leaving she realized she’s feeling sick because something is wrong with Eric not because of the Shaman drug.
They rush to his house and find the door wide open and no lights on.
There is blood everywhere and Sookie finally finds Eric who is sitting in the dark a complete mess, his ribs are even jutting out on one side. Bobby, Eric’s daytime guy is dead. Eric describes how Alexei snapped while Appius, Bobby, Felicia and Pam were all in the house. Felicia was decaying in the corner. Eric doesn’t know if Appius is alive, he is in shock, and Sookie tries to snap him out of it. Appius has suggested that Eric stay there so that no one else died. Jason makes a quick call to his girlfriend, Michele, and we find out that Alexei went there in search of Jason because he wants to “warm himself in (Jason’s) life”. She had no idea who he was so she sent him to Sookie’s. Sookie realized Claude was in the house and Alexei didn’t need an invitation so they rushed there, with Eric, only to find a blond fairy she’d never met back to back in fighting stance with Claude and Alexei playful held a knife, ready t fight.
Crazy fairy/vamp fighting.
We find out the new fairy is Colman, the father of Claudette’s baby, who blames Sookie for her death.
Part of the reason Alexei snapped was because he felt the love Eric feels for Sookie and it was the best he’d felt in over a century.
Sookie managed to get a silver chain on Alexei and Eric stakes him.
Appius is wounded and Sookie is very close to staking him in his weakened state when something in eyes eyes told her to move and she did and Colman stabbed a sword into Appius which was meant for Sookie. Colman was making a go at Sookie again when out of the blue a dagger strikes him down, and no one could figure ut where it had come from. Eric then drains Colman and Dermot shows up, and owns up to saving Sookie.
(Mmm fairy blood)
Eric heads home and Dermot, who is now sane thanks to a kiss (because that’s how it’s done in fairy tales haha), and Claude climb into bed with Sookie for a family slumber party and that my dears is the end.
What about Pam you ask?
Well… that one I’m leaving as a cliffhanger so you do have to buy the book.


I personally really enjoyed this book, although the ending seemed to come short. I wish she had one last romp with Eric or something rather than crawling into snuggle time with 2 fairy relatives after a crazy fight *yawn*

I remembered some important parts after I had already written the initial chunk of spoilers, so some smaller parts may be out of order. And if anything sound incoherent let me know! I wrote this over a course of several days as read the book, so it's not like I sat there in one sitting and coherently wrote this out. So I apologize if there is any confusion in advance <3

And for the people who just want the snippet of the best sex scene in the book, which the other text cut is from, click

Allow me to prompt you by telling you that Sookie says this when she notices how excited he is:
"That looks painful. Would you like me to nurse it?"
To which he growls and then this occurs...

He growled deep in his throat. "Faster," he said. "Now, now!" He shut his eyes and his head fell back, his hands opening and closing spasmodically. I loved having that power over him; that was another thing I loved. Suddenly, he said something in an ancient language, and his back arched, and I moved with increased purpose, swallowing down everything he gave me.

And just for fun, I'm seriously LOL-ing over here at this:

I've never seen it, and it may jsut be my insomnia, but I am cracking up at this hahaha.

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vintagekitten84vintagekitten84 on May 4th, 2010 02:31 am (UTC)
Hey I've seen this already, was hoping for more. Still awesome though. I can't wait for tomorrow!
roneraeloveswhoroneraeloveswho on May 14th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
Hiya. I've been a fan of the Sookie books since I was 15 (I'm 19 now)...and unfortunately I've been kinda broke lately. So your spoilers are much appreciated because one of the things that's always kept me interested in the series is the whole Bill/Sookie/Eric triangle, and I'm very glad to hear that Eric is finally getting some love(and for real this time)cause at this point he deserves it a LOT more than Bill.

Anyway as a a big fan of Charlaine Harris and her wonderful characters I commend you for your awesome and funny spoilerage...ness.

Also your last picture is definitely worthy of a good LOL. XD

o_k_modibo on July 2nd, 2010 09:51 pm (UTC)
Fae threads
There are too many questions left concerning the Fae not to expect them to appear again in future books
sookienow on August 5th, 2010 07:50 pm (UTC)
Dead in the family spoiler
so i hv a ?

In the previous book where Sookie was takin captive by the 2 evil fairies, she got into an arguement w/ Eric later at the hospital, questioning where was he? Why he didn't rescue her? That she tried to send him messages through their "bond" hoping he would sense her and come rescue her. In "Dead in the Family" does he mention that he did "feel" her emotions or thoughts during the torture? Just wondering how strong/powerful their "bond" truly is. if so, u mind putting a lil snippet of that part of the story in your response? :)

Thanks, can't wait to get my hands on this book!!